Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Spin List

Wah, I know I must post my review of The Handmaid's Tale, but this spin list will have to come first. I've never thought to do an activity like this. We are supposed to pull 20 titles of our list that we haven't read (for me that is really all of them). The Classics Club site suggests a mixture of titles. Then, on February 18, 2013, they will pick a number. The title corresponding with the number is what we should try to read by April 1st. I'm in when it comes to games, so this sounds fun. I'm sure I could incorporate this type of activity in class. So, here is my spin list. I feel like I'm about to play Twister and there is a hot guy on the mat and a stinky guy. My luck could go either way.

  1. Gaskell, Elizabeth: North and South
  2. Achebe, Chinua: Things Fall Apart
  3. Burgess, Anthony: A Clockwork Orange
  4. de Laclos, Choderlos: Dangerous Liaisons
  5. Eliot, George: Middlemarch
  6. Gaskell, Elizabeth: Wives and Daughters
  7. Hesse, Hermann: Siddhartha
  8. Ishiguro, Kazuo: Remains of the Day
  9. Marlowe, Christopher: Doctor Faustus
  10. O’Connor, Flannery: Wise Blood
  11. Radcliffe, Anne: The Mysteries of Udolpho
  12. Soseki, Natsume: Kokoro
  13. Voltaire: Candide
  14. Williams, Tennessee: A Streetcar Named Desire
  15. Beckett, Samuel: Waiting for Godot
  16. Huxley, Aldous: Brave New World
  17. Orczy, Baroness: The Scarlet Pimpernel
  18. Albee, Edward: Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
  19. Turgenev, Ivan: Fathers and Sons
  20. Dreiser, Theodore: American Tragedy

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